This is the official website for the Spring 2016 Peer-led Biocomputing Group at UT Austin, offered through the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. The goal of this class is to take away any fear of programming that you may have so that computing can become an advantage rather than a barrier to your research.

The class will meet on Wednesdays from 4-5 pm in FNT 1.104. In addition, feel free to join us for Open Coding Hour at Tuesdays 5-6pm in CCBB conference room (GDC 7.514) for any extra help or feedback.

Please use the links to the left for contact information and some useful biocomputing resources. Please also feel free to participate in the Biocomputing Google Groups Forum with any questions that you have as you begin your biocomputing journey!

The introductory survey can be found here.

Installation and Setup Instructions

If you are using a Mac, you will need to install a text editor. Some excellent options are either Text Wrangler, Sublime Text, or Atom. Alternatively, you can download Apple's text editor, XCode, from the App Store.

1/25/16: Updated Windows instructions!
If you are using a Windows/PC, you will need to install some software on your computer in order to use python. Follow these instructions (for Windows) to setup your computer. You should setup your system no later than the second week of class (1/27/16). Do not save installation to the last minute - it may take several hours, and you may encounter difficulties!! If you need help, please feel free come to Open Coding Hour in GDC 7.514 on Tuesday 1/26/16.

Schedule and Materials

Date Topic Materials (Download Link) Instructor
January 27, 2016 Introduction to Computing and Unix Cheatsheet and Files Becca
February 03, 2016 Python I: Operators and Variable types Cheatsheet and Files Stephanie
February 10, 2016 Python II: Control Flow Cheatsheet and Files Becca
February 17, 2016 Python III: Functions and Debugging Strategies Cheatsheet and Files Stephanie
February 24, 2016 Python IV: File Input/Output and Parsing Cheatsheet and Files Becca
March 02, 2016 Python V: Sequence Analysis with Biopython Cheatsheet and Files Stephanie
March 09, 2016 Python VI: Best Practices and Testing Cheatsheet and Files Becca
March 23, 2016 Building Analysis Pipelines Cheatsheet and Files Sean
March 30, 2016 Introduction to R Cheatsheet and Files Sean Leonard
April 06, 2016 Navigating TACC Cheatsheet and Files Benni Goetz
April 13, 2016 Regular Expressions Cheatsheet and Files Stephanie
April 20, 2016 Version Control with Git Cheatsheet and Files Cheng Lee
April 27, 2016 Manipulating Protein Structures with Biopython and Pymol Cheatsheet and Files Ben Jack
May 04, 2016 R and the Hadleyverse: Easy data manipulation and visualization Cheatsheet and Files Sean Leonard