Navigating TACC

TACC Basics

Information about TACC for bioinformatics is sparse on the web; the BioITeam Wiki (search for it) has some info. TACC has user guides, and a very useful consulting system for users. You can also email me or anyone else at the Bioinformatics Consulting Group.

TACC Website

Disk Sizes



Launcher Scripts

I recommend using Information is available here: (or you can search for “BioITeam wiki” and look under “Software”)

To use, you should probably add a line to your .profile file (see last section).

Stampede and Lonestar5 both use SLURM as their job scheduling systems.

Pre-rolled BioITeam Scripts

Not working on Stampede yet, but soon!

Add BioITeam To Your $PATH

One way to do it (but keep it on one line):

echo 'source /corral-repl/utexas/BioITeam/bin/profile_ngs_course.bash' >> ~/.profile_user

More Nodes Doesn’t Make It Faster