Introduction to R, RStudio, and R Markdown

For our first week in the new rstats peer-led graduate seminar, we will be focusing on getting everyone up and running in R. We will cover basic philosophy of programming in R for data analysis, introductory R material, and then introduce the readr package as the first data analysis skill. The slides can be found here, and the in class materials can be downloaded here.

Topics Covered

  1. Philosophy of Programming
    • Why use R
    • How to start data analysis
  2. Interacting with RStudio
    • Running code in R Markdown
    • Writing in R Markdown
    • Installing and Loading packages
  3. R Introductory concepts
    • Vectors and data frames
    • Using functions
    • Reading R documentation
  4. Reading data into R
    • Issues reading data
    • Using the readr package